Rogue Hearts Dungeon
Rogue Hearts Dungeon Game Cover
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Compile Heart


Compile Heart


PlayStation 2

Release date(s)

April 26, 2007 JAPAN


Roguelike RPG


Single Player



Rogue Hearts Dungeon (ローグ ハーツ ダンジョン?), is a rogelike game of PlayStation 2 released from Compile Heart in 2007.


This work which was made on the basis of "rogue" which appeared in the United States as the world's first dungeon RPG in 1984 and became the prototype of the current RPG. The player searches for a dungeon of fate overflowing with unknown monsters.

In addition, as a bonus, it also has a mode of the first "rogue" style, but in order to play it is necessary to satisfy a certain condition, to have a treasure box appear and to empty contents.

The dungeon clear condition is to obtain the target item in the deepest part, go up to the first floor in the rising stairs and escape. The deepest part is decided for each dungeon (9 F of trial caves, 15 F of contract caves, 26 F of destiny caves). There are up to 4 dungeons including after clearing, and when you clear the 3rd dungeon, you will have the ending, but after that you will be able to enter the hidden dungeon called "Makai no Cave". Even if you clear "Makai Cave", you will never reach the real ending, and you will be returned to the camping screen.

Platform is for PlayStation 2 In addition to the operation method so far, you can turn on / off lighting with the L2 button, you can ride on without picking up items by entering direction keys while pressing the R2 button, etc. There are points added.

The effect of the item purchased in the treasure box is permanent, and the game is started with the item possessed when entering the dungeon.

Data save can be done arbitrarily at the time of dungeon clearing and game over.

Disappointing Point

In this work there are "no interruption savings", "hidden dungeon on the 99th floor", "not readily attacked", "there is no use of gold (G)", "the number of dungeons is small", "boss monster There are many disappointing points such as "not existing", "there is no rasubos", "autosave noncompliant", "story is short", "there are few characters", and difficulty level was also high.

In addition, although it is possible to select men and women as the main character in this work, it seems that there is no change in the story.


  • Protagonist
  • King:Ask the hero to search for Rogue Hearts.
  • Cranal:King 's aides. It becomes unknown in the ending.